Monday, September 8, 2014

Asking for a Change in your Teenager's School Schedule

The Motherlode column asks here if parents should ever try to get their high school student's schedule changed.  One comment from a teacher said no, absolutely not.  I disagree.

As a high school teacher myself for 35 years, I couldn't disagree more with Kate of PA.  Parents and kids should have no "agency" in their school system?  Who is the system for, anyway?

There are many good reasons why a student should not be in a particular class--wrong level, other students who harass, poor (or abusive) teacher, etc.  Yes, poor teacher.  There are a few teachers out there who should not ever be in front of kids.

If you child has such a teacher, I think it is your responsibility to get her out.  And, believe me, if all of the parents of that teacher's students said, "No way.  Get my child out of that class," the administrators would find a way of getting rid of that teacher.  An emotionally battering teacher can do great harm.  Of course get your kid out, if that's the situation.