Friday, September 14, 2012

New Book!

The 7 Toxic Reading Myths that are Killing School Reform

The educational crises is, quite simply, a reading crisis. Avid readers are the children who do well in history, in science, in literature, in foreign languages, and even in math. Yet is spite of almost forty years of school reform effort, reading scores have remained stubbornly low. 

How can this be? Haven't we instituted state standards, curriculum frameworks, charter schools, more in-service for teachers, many tests, and a host of other innovations? Why are only five percent of our twelfth graders, year after year, scoring as advanced readers on national tests?

This is an e-book, available at Amazon  and at most other e-book outlets.  For some reason, it is taking Barnes and Noble a long time to get it up.  I've priced it low, at $2.99, since I am much more interested in making a dent in the entrenched, deadly, reading curriculum in most schools, than I am in making money.

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