Thursday, December 27, 2012

Should You Control What Your Children Read?

In a New York Times “Room for Debate” section, there is an interesting discussion  on what books you should give your kids.  Some responders think parents should be careful to give children appropriate books.  Others think it’s just important that children read. I especially liked the column by Lisa Von Drasek “Let Them Read What They Want” here.   I laughed when I read it, remembering when I read The Scarlet Letter at the age of 9, and was so confused.  What did that "A" stand for?  Kissing didn't start with "A".

Anyway, here is my comment on her column:

I agree: let children read what they want. I've found that visual, artistic children love picture books later than more auditory children. 

As a high school English teacher for 35 years I did extensive interviewing of my avid-reading students, to see how they developed as readers. I published the book with Crown about ten years ago, and just got the copyright back. It's an e-book now, Keeping Kids Reading, if you're curious to see what my avid readers told me.

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