Monday, December 31, 2012

The Hard Bigotry of Poverty

The Washington Post brings together the education stories of 2012 that they thought resonated, and will matter in 2013 here   One of the links goes to an opinion piece written this summer by an English teacher in a high-poverty high school, titled "The hard bigotry of poverty: Why ignoring it will doom school reform".  My comment:

The author, a high school English teacher in a high-poverty school, describes chapter and verse why federal reform efforts have backfired, and made a very difficult situation impossible.  She describes the program she and other teachers started to try to get these impoverished, forgotten students engaged in learning.  Really, an amazing article.  She talks about using high interest reading to motivate her students.  My only caveat is that I think she needs to open up her curriculum even more and help her students choose books themselves.

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