Friday, May 17, 2013

More Private Schools?

The Atlantic has an article here describing the decline of private schools, due mostly to the proliferation of online courses and charter schools.  The article mixes K-12 with colleges, which makes it somewhat confusing.

Since so many of the private schools were Catholic—and since, for many reasons, they have been in rapid decline—I’m not sure that the take-away from the statistics is that public schools (or charters, which are just another kind of public school) will educate more and more of our children.  A low cost alternative to the Catholic schools may well spring up.

The influence of the Common Core Standards—with its canned curriculum and intrusive testing schedule—is just starting to be felt in public schools, but already I see parents fleeing.  I’ll bet the trend continues.  Here’s the joke:  the companies making windfall profits on developing testing and curriculum for the Common Core will probably soon be making even more profit running chains of private schools that don’t use it.

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