Sunday, January 27, 2013

Children with Developmental Problems

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article today here with advice for parents of children with developmental problems.  The author, Avery Johnson, provides links to agencies that can provide help, as well as discussing the issue of dealing with education and health providers:

I agree that the article contains excellent advice.  I would just add two things.  Be in touch with your public school system as soon as your child is diagnosed, even if the child is still an infant.  You can get valuable advice and references, and the system will be better prepared to help your child when your child becomes eligible for services.

My second piece of advice is that--if your child is at all able to engage with you as far as reading goes--read to your child as much as you possibly can.  It will develop listening comprehension skills, as well as foster a love of books.  You might even be able to teach early reading skills, which will go a long way towards making your child's school experience better. 

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