Thursday, January 17, 2013

On-line Learning

Mr. Schaffhauser, in The Journal, a magazine about transforming education through technology, has a nice column here describing the exciting things kids can do in online sites.   My comment:

I think Mr. Schaffhauser is on the right track.  Any kind of learning that gets kids excited and engaged will increase skills much more than learning that is done reluctantly and under pressure.  Certainly having kids taking part in online games and stories is wonderful.

I would argue that classrooms should also be set up so that students can get excited and engaged with what they are doing.  I let my high school English students choose most of their own reading, and their own writing assignments.  Consequently, I got wonderful work from the majority of my kids.

Whether kids are online or offline, they should be given the opportunity to have a real say in their own learning.

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