Thursday, February 21, 2013

Expulsion Rates

Ed Week has an article comparing the rate of expulsion of charter schools with public schools here.  It notes that it's hard to find national statistics, but rates in many cities show many more expulsions from charter schools.

I wish this article had dealt more with the issue of what happens to students who are expelled.  Yes, it's interesting, and a little troubling, that charter schools seem to be pushing kids out at a good clip, but what happens after that?

 I know that the National Parent Information Center estimated in 2000 that 57 percent of expelled students were left without any access to other programs.  I haven't found any more recent statistics.

I don't think anyone argues that dangerous students should be in the general school population.  But they do need a structured program, with good academics and counseling, so they have some chance of getting their lives back on track. 

We'll either pay now, or pay later, in prison and welfare costs.

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