Thursday, March 14, 2013

E-books vrs. Regular Books

The Huffington Post has a column here comparing the experience of reading a regular book with reading an e-book.  The author calls one stored data and one flows of data.  He feels we rush through e-books and don’t read them in as thoughtful a manner.  His column is a bit confusing.

I think the big difference is between quick reads, such as articles, opinion pieces, and short stories and narratives, and longer, developed pieces of writing.  A novel with a complicated tone and many different characters and plot elements needs a more advanced, sophisticated reader, than an Internet article.

I am optimistic about the e-readers.  For the first time, people have instant access to thousands (millions?) of books.  I am hopeful that kids will start reading more, now that they can instantly download all of the books in a series they like, for example.  This kind of avid reading is what develops excellent students by high school.  I taught high school English for 37 years, and my top students were always my avid readers.

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