Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Education of Girls

The Huffington Post has a wonderful column here by a high school senior on the importance of educating girls.  She describes her own, impoverished upbringing and her mother's determination that she get a good education.  Her mission is now to raise awareness of the need for education for all of the girls across the globe, and to that end has set up a way of contributing to it.

I really think that our best bet for ensuring a world of peace and prosperity is the education of girls.  Most places in the world have at least some access to the Internet with cell phones.  When girls, and women, are all literate, and can read and understand how life is in more prosperous, democratic countries, I think they will be far less likely to put up with a life that allows them no freedom or dignity.

What a great column.  What a great cause.


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