Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why More Women Aren't in Boardrooms

The Atlantic Monthly has an article here asking why, since women are more successful than men in college, they are still so underrepresented in boardrooms.  It suggests women pick up habits and “sets of behaviors” in the dating world that work against them in the corporate world.

All of these reasons make sense, but the article overlooked the most important one of all--the elephant in the living room, if you will. Many women--perhaps most--simply don't want to make the full time commitment of time and energy to a career while they have small children.

A partial solution to this problem would be to have excellent, accessible, affordable daycare widely available, and for companies to allow more flexible scheduling.  But even if all of this becomes a reality, many women will still want to spend most of those early child-raising years with their children, rather than in a boardroom.

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