Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why Boys are not Completing College

MSNBC has an article here saying that men have given up and are not pursuing higher education. The article doesn't really give any reasons, other than that boys have just gotten discouraged with school.

As a high school English teacher for 37 years, I think a major reason that boys don't do as well in school is because so few of them are good readers.  Few of the books in an average high school English curriculum appeal to boys.

I found that the way to get boys reading was to open up my curriculum and allow students to choose most of their books.  Then the boys read like crazy.  
There is a good deal of research showing that the only advanced readers are the avid readers, and that was my experience as well.  If we can develop a love and habit of reading in boys--they will start to do better in all of their subjects, across the board.

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