Thursday, March 21, 2013

The iPad and Children's Books

The NY Times Motherlode blog here has a nice opinion piece by a mother describing how she manages iPad time for her children.  Commenters chimed in by describing some of the useful apps and games they've found.

Don’t forget how easy it is to download children’s books!  Amazon has a large selection of free or very low cost ones.  On the iPad, they show up in vivid color.

I understand the appeal of having real books for children, but for the times when you’re traveling, or waiting at the dentist, or even just snuggling in bed, you can have a whole library of children’s books right at your fingertips.

As your children get older, and fall in love with a book series, it’s easy now to get all of the titles in order for them. 

As a high school English teacher for 37 years, I can tell you that the best students were always the avid readers.  I think with the easy availability of e-books, it’s become easier for parents to develop a love of reading in their children.


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