Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tablet Computers and Schools

A tech website has an article explaining all of the wonderful things that tablet computers can do in schools here.

I hate to be so radical, but what schools really need is a curriculum that makes the development of a love and habit of reading a priority.  Literacy skills underpin all other learning, and all of the high tech gadgets in the country can't change that.

Only avid readers develop sophisticated literacy skills.  You can't short-cut it by giving the kids little reading games on tablet computers.  Take some of this money going to technology and flood the schools with books that kids can easily love.   Or even e-books.  E-books will work fine.  You don't need fancy software.  Put a kindle and nook app on each tablet computer, give the kids an account online so they can download books of their choice and make in-school reading part of the every school day.  Watch scores soar.  THEN start focusing on technology education.

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